I believe in treating people with dignity and respect and that everyone has the right to access for healthcare. I also believe that being caring and compassionate, and creating a healing environment and a healthy work environment for staff and patients is important. I am very passionate about providing a caring patient and family experience that promotes health, healing and quality of life, and facilitates coordination across the continuum of care.


The sacred work of healthcare requires a team and everyone on that team plays a very important part in the patient outcomes, making interprofessional and interdisciplinary collaboration a necessity. We are all in this together. Communication across disciplines, units, and care transitions is essential to safe, effective patient outcomes and experiences. Partnerships within the community are also key to serving the needs of patients at all levels and will help to reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions.


Palomar Health’s mission is to heal, comfort, and promote health in the community we serve. Our community consists of people with much diversity in culture, lifestyle, and health needs. To best serve this community we need to understand these needs particularly related to behavioral health, cardiovascular, diabetes, and obesity. We also have a responsibility to educate our community regarding health insurance availability and ongoing care management.